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The ‘stichting’ (foundation) was initiated by former gallery owner Wanda Reiff. In the 80s and 90s she ran contemporary art galleries in successively Aalbeek, Maastricht and Amsterdam. Her galleries connected the work of young local artists with (inter) nationally interesting art.
Since she settled in an old square farm on the ‘plateau of Margraten’ near Maastricht after her retirement, she has regularly organized art presentations, lectures and concerts, culminating in ‘plateau ART’ that takes place annually in the last weekend of August. The presentations attract thousands of interested people, from the region but also from the rest of the Netherlands and abroad – also collectors and museum professionals.
In 2016, Royal recognition followed for the significance of Mrs. Reiff for the professional contemporary arts in Limburg and she was knighted in the Order of Orange-Nassau.


The organization can boast a wealth of experience. There is a lot of goodwill among artists, museum professionals and collectors that has been built up in decades. But especially also among the local population who cooperate in all sorts of areas. In addition to the substantive side (curatorship), there is organizational administrative support, professional support with regard to communication, but also with regard to the more practical elaboration in which local people are cooperating with increasing enthusiasm for art (assistance with design, supervision, catering facilities, etc.).
The foundation has formulated its objective in its articles of association as follows:
“Making contemporary professional art accessible to a wide audience, young and old, in the broadest sense of the word.”

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