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june - july - august 2020
Heuvelland Biennial 2020 canceled

Unfortunately, the board of the plateauKUNST foundation had to decide not to let the biennial take place. read the announcement

Temporary art projects in Dutch National Landscape South Limburg

An ambitious initiative to experience the landscape of South Limburg in a different way: through art. Leading artists are challenged to create work on the spot. Temporary work, using perishable materials.

Temporary art works that will be realized in locations spread out over the ‘Heuvelland’, the South Limburg countryside in June. In July and August, will be exhibited and after that it will slowly disappear…

The projects are extensively documented and will remain visible ‘virtually’. In this way a lasting extra dimension is added to the experience of nature and landscape in South Limburg. A dimension of stillness, which is focused on the inner: the Heuvelland is profiled as a quality region through art and landscape experience.

The biennial brings artists together and feeds the mutual discourse. This also applies to the public in a side program – with lectures, walks, concerts, performances – in which we look for common ground and for contrasts.

In this context, connections are made with society and with the distinctive expertise that is available in the region. A link is sought with new insights and current themes that play a role in society, at institutions, companies and local governments.


About the project

Heuvelland Biennale is an initiative of the plateauKUNST art foundation, which has 15 years of experience in connecting contemporary art with special locations. The first edition of the Biennale results from – and in fact completes – the feasibility study supported by the European Agricultural Fund (LEADER), the province of Limburg, the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten, ‘Zuid-Limburg’  National Landscape and Zuyd Hogeschool. The following partners have since pledged their cooperation or barter / sponsorship: Visit Zuid-Limburg, Maastricht University, DSM,, IKL Limburg and the ‘Limburgs Landschap’ foundation.


art in dialogue with the landscape

Through temporary interventions, landscape experience, meaning and realization of sustainability and heritage are brought to the attention of wider target groups. Well-known artists are challenged to adapt the landscape with the materials present to it in a temporary project. A few examples of projects by artists we are aiming for:

Mind the Gap’- 2004-2005 Brussels – Hans Lemmen (1959 Venlo NL). The image of a deer in gold leaf is segmented over the trunks of three trees. When you walk past it, the three parts merge and the whole image of the deer becomes clear.

‘Kentia-Palme’ 2004 Köln-Sürth ‘Reverse Graffiti’ – Klaus Dauven (1966 Düren D).  The image is released by removing dirt with the help of water from a high-pressure sprayer. Dauven works on projects all over the world, for example on immense dams in Korea and Japan.



Thematic sessions are organized around themes that arise from the art projects. Art is linked to knowledge from different perspectives. Experts from companies, knowledge institutions, policy makers and artists and the public broaden their horizons, their view of art, of landscape, of innovation. And at their own work. This creates a community with regular activities – also in the interim – of which the Biennale gives an extra boost to the continuity every 2 years.

The intention is that all activities are accessible to the public, but not massive: the burden on the environment is by definition limited to a minimum, bearing in mind the principles of our Biennale.


plateauKUNST foundation | municipality of Eijsden-Margraten | Zuyd University Arts faculty | Maastricht University | Nationaal Landschap Zuid-Limburg | LEADER | European Agricultural Fund | province of Limburg | IKL | Limburgs Landschap |

In 2020 we start the first edition.
Heuvelland Biënnale 2020 is therefore looking for partners.

Municipalities that want to be the stage for an (inter) national high-profile art event and want to link art to innovation.

Companies that profile themselves by supporting and contributing to one or more art projects and and share knowledge via the side program

Residents who own a location, pasture, forest edge, field and make this temporarily available, or who want to work as a volunteer

Funds that support an innovative approach to art content and see the importance of a connection with society, science and sustainability

Knowledge institutions that see a challenge in the innovative integrated approach and that can contribute with expertise for the purpose of lectures, tours, panel discussions, etc.

Art academies contribute with art-related expertise. Students do research or do an internship at art projects.

Meet-up of and decision makers from companies, institutions and governments in South Limburg

At a special moment (at 7 am) a ‘meet-up’ took place on 26 September, at a special location in the hills of Limburg. Leading thinkers and workers showed the power of the Heuvelland. Speakers were Luc Soete (economist at UM), Anya Niewierra (Visit Zuid-Limburg), Wanda Reiff and Lukas van der Hijden (plateauKUNST), Arjan Rensma (DSM Innivation Team Chemelot), Wilfred Alblas (Limburg Landschap foundation), Toine Gresel (Zuid-Limburg National Landscape), Wouter van Marken-Lichtenbelt (UM), Govert Derix (philosopher author), Ton Slits (artist), Lydia Schouten (artist).

The aim was to get  decision-makers at companies, institutions and governments enthusiastic about their participation in our Heuvellandbiënnale | BRIGHT ARTS, as an opportunity for the region to present itself as a high-quality cultural region in which connections between professionals in art, science and business are a matter of course.

Early in the morning 62 enthusiastic participants were present at this session – with breakfast – in the beautiful former monastery of Hoogcruts, which is currently being refurbished by Stichting Het Limburgs Landschap. There is a report on a separate page.

Thursday september 26 (7 am)
Hoogcruts monastery (between Noorbeek and Slenaken)

About us

Heuvelland Biennale is an initiative of plateauKUNST, the annual presentation of contemporary art by professional artists. Art that raises questions, arouses curiosity, sometimes sands or irritates. In short: Art That Matters. The works are shown in the rural environment and more and more projects are entering into a dialogue with their environment. The environment inspired artists not only to show their work but to make it specifically for the location or even to create it on the spot.
The latter was seen as a clear added value and that is why the idea was born to deepen this aspect and to ‘scale up’ it to a presentation that does more justice to the work in terms of duration and publicity and can contribute to a positive profiling of the region.
This laid the seeds for the ambition: a Biennial, in which the dialogue with the landscape is central, with works of a transient nature. And where a link is made with social themes such as landscape experience, silence experience and its influence on people, sustainability and tourism and the pursuit of quality.

With this unique project, the South Limburg region profiles itself as a high-quality cultural region in which innovative connections between professionals in art, science, business and institutions are a matter of course. Mutually and with the public.

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